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We are Providing strategy service and IT Consultancy from 2018 for our customers.

  • AR/VR Aplications
  • IoT & AI Solutions
  • Andoid/iOS Aplications
  • Web Aplications
  • Responsive Web Sites

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Obpoo Solutions unlocks the power of agile by giving your team the tools to easily create & estimate stories, build a sprint backlog, identify team commitments & velocity, visualize team activity, and report on your team's progress.

To give your team a tour through a complete project, the following guide contains two tutorials that show a simple agile workflow at a small software company. This guide touches on some of the most used features and follows the development team at Teams in Space as they work to improve their next generation space travel software.

In this simple workflow, a manager sets up and runs a project while individual users add content and work with issues within a sprint. The following pages are set up to follow this structure and are divided into two tutorials:

  • Getting Started as a JIRA Software Manager: A guide for managers who set up and run the agile project
  • Getting Started as a JIRA Software User: A guide for users who work on and resolve issues

Solve your problem faster

Innovative thinkers are heralded for their ability to think creatively. They don't get bogged down by the past. They have a magic crystal ball to see into the future. They're like magicians, pulling creative ideas of all sorts seemingly out of thin air.

If none of the above characteristics seem to describe how you work, you might figure you're just not very creative. That's not true, says Theodore Scaltsas, a philosophy chair at the University of Edinburgh, in a recent Harvard Business Review post.


All In one for all products

Obpoo’s new All-In-One printer management utility allows users to seamlessly configure their SATO products across their system-wide infrastructure. Whether the printer is connected, parallel, serial, USB, Ethernet or wirelessly.

we give you access to local or networked SATO printers so that you can easily configure them to meet your needs. All you’ll need is any Windows PC connected to your network or any standalone Windows PC environment for this one stop configuration tool.


We Provide Professional staff

We provide extensive training for new staff, as well as ongoing and annual training for current staff, with our training focusing on how best to meet the individual needs, abilities, personal interests and preferences of the people we serve.

We provide specialized training and/or certification to address specific needs of the people we serve, including behavioral strategies, diabetic testing and nutritional guidelines in keeping with our commitment to developing and maintaining healthy lifestyles and environments for those we serve.


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